Apple sent a teasing e-mail to its fans Tuesday, promising a “one-day Apple shopping event” on Friday, Nov. 23.

The company didn’t release any information, however, on what items will go on sale and how much the discounts might be.

The shopping event will start online at 3 a.m., Eastern, though the company’s promotional materials mentioned Apple Retail Stores will also get in on the deals. Apple also suggested buying directly from Apple’s Store app on the iPhone.

Last year, CNET noted, Apple marked down iPad 2 tablets, iPods and Macs, though the company has not dropped the price of its smartphones in the past. The discounts were good but not spectacular — between $41 and $61 on the iPad and up to $101 on the company’s computers.

Still, with gadgets topping many people’s holiday wish lists, every little bit helps. This is, more or less, the only time that Apple offers any price cuts on its new products — you can get refurbished goods any time of the year.

Apple recently refreshed many of its product lines, which means that there are plenty of items to chose from, though there’s no guarantee that the company will knock down the price of new gadgets such as the iPad mini.

Before Apple fans get too excited, though, they should remember that not all of the products the company announced in October are on sale quite yet. The new, ultra-thin iMacs, for example, are still in the “coming soon” category. They are expected to hit store shelves before the end of the year.