After losing cases in Detroit and California, lawyers take a different approach.

"You Can’t Be What You Can’t See,” Stanford emeritus professor Milbrey W. McLaughlin’s important new book, describes how a program that places a heavy emphasis on academics, if designed carefully and carried out thoughtfully, carries the prospect of rewriting the script of children’s lives, not just improving their grades or test scores.

It would provide more electricity to neighborhoods with growing populations.

The school has more than 600 students in preschool through eighth grade.

Obama-era regulation sought to limit debt students incur in career-training programs.

"But what happens when all my peanut butter options are equally unpalatable, except for the ones that are priced beyond my means?”

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A single point on a test can be the difference between who’s declared gifted and who’s not.

Monica E. Goldson will earn $265,000 as head of Maryland’s second-largest system.

Administrators at universities and colleges across the country have been spending the summer in suspense as they invest scarce resources in large numbers of new programs they hope will bolster sagging enrollment.

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James just helped fund the creation and opening of a traditional, state-of-the-art school for at-risk children.

There was no weapon on the shirt, which meant it didn't violate dress code, and the student was sent back to class.

The paper was written by Fred Smith while he was a student at Yale, several years before he founded FedEx.

He is promoting his new book. And he is still saying controversial things.

“We’re hot and starving,” an 8-year-old announced as he waited in line.

Teaching as a way of seeing.

"Suggesting that colleges already enroll enough low-income students and pitting low- and middle-income students against one another for scarce spots won’t achieve gains for either group."

A celebrated principal was brought in. But the ACLU opposes the single-sex school.

Police were seeking a suspect.

Should religious schools that get state funding be required to teach secular subjects?

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A few weeks ago, Moody’s Investors Service said that 25 percent of private colleges are running deficits. The news isn’t much better for public universities.

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